Our History

History of First United Methodist Church of Fort Lupton, CO

306 Park Ave.

Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621


All of the historical events of our church are important; we will just high light a few:

With the theme “Go West Young Man”, the area around Fort Lupton was being settled by families coming from the East. The Denver Circuit was formed in July 1863. A Reverend L. B. Stateler of the Methodist Episcopal Church South preached at the home of Mr. Stover on the west side of Platte River, west of Fort Lupton. The famous itinerate preacher Father Dyer preached sermons in homes from 1872 -1874, along with other traveling preachers. In those days there was no town just the Fort, no streets, no railroad. But that all began to change, the railroad came and in the summer of 1870 a community began to form. In 1878 the railroad donated properly for a church, at 806 Denver Ave. The first church was built in 1879 at this site, which is still standing and is a funeral home.   In 1915 Reverend R.R. Adams saw the need of a larger building as the growing membership needed more room. The present church at 305 Park Ave. was completed in 1916. The church bell and the piano were the only items bought over from the old church. Bishop McConnell dedicated the building on August 13, 1916. G. G. Saywell was pastor. In 1935 the celebration of 75 years in Fort Lupton,  Reverend Stowell Sandmeyer was pastor during 1949-1954 he was a fine craftsman and built the existing pulpit, lectern, alter and baptismal fount. Reverend I.L. Morgan was pastor. In 1954 it was decided to build an annex to make room for the expanding congregation with Sunday school class rooms in the annex. Reverend Earl Miller 1978-1982,pastor with money from memorial funds financed the installing of a handicap lift to access the sanctuary, and basement from the street. The 120th anniversary was celebrated in 1983 with Rev. Paul Holland. In 1988 we celebrated our 125thanniversary. Bishop Roy Sano and his wife  joined the celebration. Reverend Richard Calhoun was here for that celebration and inspired us be buy church building in town to make a Day care center “Many Blessings” with cost effective care for families, especially before and after school day care. This is still in existence.  Property at 236 Park was bought in 1996, paying the entire amount at closing thus naming it the “Miracle House” being used for many uses: Wheels on Meals, Blessings in a Bag (Back Pack Program), Open Arms Pregnancy Center” and Sunday School Classes.

We have seen that the things we do for our church are built on the plans, labor and sacrifices of those who have gone before us, and as we add out bit, we do so with the knowledge that others are to come this way and what we do for ourselves, we also do for them.  A few of the many who have labored and sacrificed for the continuation of His church in our community have been mentioned, but of these others we are not unmindful and regret that neither space nor knowledge of these sacrifices permitted nor competence could record the good deed of all. Only HE, who is perfect, will judge and praise all.


Our Pastors

1863-               Charles King

1863-1865       William Autes (Antes)

1865-1866       O.P. Mains


1869-1871       Jay S. Allen

1871-1872       George Wallace

1872-1874       John Dyer

1874-1875       John J. Moffitt, Jr.

1875-1876       F.C. Booth

1876-1877       E.C. Dodge

1877-1878       John Collins

1878-1879       A.N. Fields

1879-1881       H.L. Beardsley

1881-1883       B.B. Dundass

1883-1885       W.M. Greene

1885-1886       I.H. Beardsley

1887                Kent White (Jul-Oct)

1887-1889       W.A. McElphatrick

1889-1890       S.A. Windsor

1890-1893       J.W. Flesher

1893-1895       A.L. Chase

1895-1896       J.R. Rader

1896-1901       C.A. Brooks

1901-1905       H.J. Grace

1905-1907       T.J. Hooper

1907-1909       C.G. Coulter

1909-1912       O.M. Bowman

1912-1915       R. R. Adams

1915-1919       G. G. Saywell

1919-1924       I.L. Morgan

1924-1928       H. L. Elston

1928-1930       C.H. Inman

1930-1933       A.E. Tuck

1933-1936       W.D. Waller

1936-1940       M.B. Beattie

1940-1942       Frances L. Geyer

1942-1945       Ray Orr

1945-1949       O.F. Archer

1949-1954       Stowell Sandmeyer

1954-1959       Richard Lundgren

1959-1963       Gene D. Yelken

1963-1967       Gary L. Arnold

1967-1969       E. Russell Brown

1969-1973       Ralph C. Hines

1973-1978       C. Mack Lovvorn

1978-1982       Earl H. Miller

1982-1985       Paul Holland

1986-1993       Richard Calhoun

1993-2002      Gary Goettel

2002-2006     Freddie Latham Durrant

2006-2011      Hugh Harris

2011-2014       Kirsten Barlow

2014- 2017      Kay Palmer Marsh

2017 –               Andrew Stinnett

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