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Mission Trip 2017

To Our Church Family and Fort Lupton Community:

Words can’t express the thanks and love in our hearts.  Your prayers and support before, during and after our mission trip to Albuquerque was truly a blessing. We touched so many lives that there isn’t enough time to share them all.  The Cornerstone United Methodist Church was such a gracious church and we hope we left a great impression with them.  We touched 6 children’s lives and though the number seems small, we know that those six had a blessing  by our youth and adults.  Casa Esperanza was truly grateful for all the meals, conversations, volunteering and prayer quilts and shawls.  Again, thank you so much.  Mission Team 2017

Devotion Time


Mission Trip 2016


 What an awesome week we had! This man in this photo with Darrel McCrumb is Diantha Melton Dickinson’s dad. Without him and Diantha’s help this mission trip would not be the same. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our team was awesome. With God as our strength we have done some amazing things. Vacation Bible Fun has been a huge success. Fellowship hall is painted. Windows have been washed. Window sills cleaned, and outside trash picked up. Fence, porch, steps, outhouse , yes outhouse painted, air conditioners put in, Amache building painted, sound system fixed, built a ramp and most of all – sharing God’s love with others to those who have prayed, supported and blessed us through this journey. Thank you and we love you!



van pic

Thank you all who prayed for our mission trip to New Mexico.  It was a life changing experiences.



The Mission Team of 2014 would like to thank all those who prayed, sent food, made a donation, and supported our fundraisers.  We had an awesome experience in South Dakota.  We stayed at Canyon Lake United Methodist Church where we were welcomed with open arms.  We offered Vacation Bible Fun to the children at the Woyatan Lutheran Church.  Lives were touched by the people we came in contact with and even in our own mission team.  Again thanks for the wonderful  support.



Mission Trip 2013


Here are some pictures from 2013 Mission Trip!


San Marcos

A few years ago, a group traveled to San Marcos.


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